These are thumbnails of all the radios, telephones, calculators and test equipment on my site. updated 23rd November 2014 but still more items to include.

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Barclay 5189


Burndept 252

Burndept 290

Bush DAC90A


Bush DAC90A

Bush VHF81


Cossor 463AC

Ekco A23


German Army 'Koln' E52b-1

Unknown French radio

Gordon Elf Cameo


Philco 56

Philco 444

Philips B3G63A

Pye T19D

Radiola 942A

Sobell 439


LMT 214

Pye L75B

Ekco MBP99

Ekco A277

Bush DAC11


WWII Civilian Radio

WER Mighty Midget

Cossor Kit radio

Decca Double Decca

Philips Merrion

Stella ST1100


General Electric portable

Defiant MSH934AC

Murphy U144

Ekco A239

Blaupunkt Nizza

Cossor 234

Pye T19D

Marconiphone T62DA

Pye P118U/C

Pye T15A

Unknown 3 valve

Murphy A38C

Bush DAC90A

Pye Fenman I

Philips 341A

Pye P75

Ultra 25

Cossor 365

GEC BC6447

Ultra R786

Ekco A21


Murphy a122

Bush DAC10

Pye model 720

Ferranti 255T

Radio Rentals 66

Ekco model U29

Murphy model U128

Hacker Mayflower2

GEC model BC9490

Pilot Jack

Marconiphone model 882

Ferranti model 525

GEC model BC5442

Ekco model AC76

Pye P29UBQ

Alba unknown


Ekco U243

Ultra FM950

National Baby

Kolster Brandes GR40T

Westminster ST655

philips B2G25U


Marconiphone 253

Double Decca 46

BTH Radiola "Bijou" crystal receiver

five crystal sets

Britram 99


Sony TR84

Grundig Signal 500E

Philips D2924 PLL

Roberts 701

Roberts R600

Roberts R300

Bush TR130

Roberts RM30

Roberts RM33

Regency TR-1G

Capital Radio

Beomaster 1130

Beogram 1000

Hacker Herald

Fidelity Rad15

Erres 6621

Vega VEF 206

Dynatron TP10

Roberts R200

Ekco A455

Panasonic SG-240

Hacker MiniHerald RP17a

Hacker Herald RP18


Bush TR82B

Sony ICFS 10

Morphy Richards

Sanyo 6L-P4N

World Radio Playmate

National panasonic RF1105LBE

Tandberg TR-130

Ferguson FRG-R121D

Sony CFM 31L

Hacker Hunter RP38A

Sony ICF-C203l

Hacker Mini Herald RP17A

Pye 9014

invicta 8207

admiral PR277

Hacker Herald RP30

Sobell S310BT

Fidelity RAD12

Pye 1192

Sonatel CR319

Wien TT85

Ferguson Radiostar

Pye 1371


Roberts RFM3

Sony model ICF-7600D

HMV 2134

unknown car radio

Sharp 1754

Philips car radio

Sanyo Cassette recorder

Blaupunkt ACR3251

Stella ST428T

Ever Ready Sky Leader 3

Roberts R505

Roberts R300

Oscar Safari

Sanyo 6L-08

Oceanic 6L-08

GEC model G820

Bush TR82C

Hitachi radio cassetteTRK-1100ER

Acoustic Solutions Digital Radio model PD2

Roberts R757

Philips D-1018 MW

Philips L3G23T

Pye P123BQ

motorola car radio

Roberts RIC1

Marconiphone 4181

bush TR82C

Perdio PR29

Oscar Prince

Goodmans SG789L

Fidelity Coronet

Hacker Herald RP17

Hacker VHF Herald RP37a

Bush TR230

Bush TR132

Bush TR130

Hacker Sovereign


Hacker SovereignII


Studio Microphone STC Type 4021C

SG Brown Headphones

Hunningscone patent Wall Telephone

GPO Buzzer


Evershed and Vignoles Generator


Sangamo Weston time switch

Admiralty loudspeaker

Marconi speaker

Ormond Moving iron loudspeaker

Richard Allan Radio loudspeaker

Whiteley Electrical Radio loudspeaker


Medresco Hearing aid

Regentone Battery Eliminator

Unknown Induction coil

Fultograph picture receiver

Shure Microphone model 488T

Phoenix Microphone PX20/234 No. 10

Morse keys

Smiths Electric clock

Interval timer

BSR Elizabethan tape recorder

FVRT100 power supply

Ericsson headphones

Bicycle lamp?

Ariston organette

Grundig tape recorder

Test tool set

Snelgrove Crystal Ovens

Aircraft instruments

AVO voltage converter
Type VC1

Mayer & Wolf
shock machine


GPO type 741 wall mounted


GPO type 746 desk type

Hunningscone patent


Audioline Tel-45



Casio Phonemate 2500

GPO type 8755 wall mounted


BT 282a test telephone

Wallphone unknown

OKI Phones 1130E

Philips "Diga"

Pageone Minicall

British Telecom Renown

GPO Buzzer 829

Converse 325

Pocket Meters (2)

Sangamo Weston voltmeter

Telegraph Works Galvanometer


German Mutimeter

Metrohm Tester

Evershed & Vignoles


AVO Model 8
(Mks 1,2,3&4)

Test Set No 1

AVO Model 7

AVO Model 40

AVO Model 40 Mark2

Seimens Halske Wattmeter

German testmeter

Light Laboratories thermometer

Evershed and vignoles ohmmeter

Evershed and Vignoles bonding meter

MegOmeter insulation tester

Hartmann & Braun insulation tester

Caby multimeter

Taylor multimeter

Megger Earth tester

Everett Edgcumbe
kilo voltmeter

General Electric
Type P3 Voltmeter


Everrett Edgecumbe Wattmeter

Elliott Frequency meter

Cambridge Instruments
Spot Galvanometer

Model 90 Multimeter


Everett Edgecumbe
Multimeter pattern 2198

Weston Direct Reading Voltmeter

Weston Direct Current Ammeter

Cambridge Instruments
Temperature meter [pyrometer]

Cambridge Instruments
Pattern T meters [2]

Cambridge Instruments
Pattern L meter

Moving Coil Ammeter

Model 322 Microammeter

Nalder and Thompson
Portable Substandard Millivoltmeter

Ammeter Type PY5

Evershed and Vignoles

Measuring Instruments (Pullin) Ltd.

Weston Electric Instrument Corp.
Model 330 AC Ammeter

DC Voltmeter 15/150/300V

Elliott Type N
Portable Standard Milliammeter

Weston Model 341
300V Voltmeter

Weston Model 341
150/300/600V Voltmeter

Cambridge sub standard
2/20/A Ammeter

Everett Edgecumbe DSR
recording voltmeter

160 V AC/DC Voltmeter

Sangamo Weston
Laboratory Standard model S66 Milliammeter

Evershed and Vignoles
Quick Response Recorder QU/RD1

voltage and current test-meter

Miles Hivolt Meter TVDCM1

voltage and current test-meter

clamp phase meter PK230

R W Paul
Mains Test Set Pattern U

Chamberlain and Hookham
3 phase kWh meter Type FST

SWR Meters and RF Power attenuator

Sangamo Weston Laboratory Standard model S79 Polyphase Wattmeter

Precision Apparatus multimeter model 856-G

Ernest Turner Voltmeter Model 102Pr

Sanwa MultitesterModel K-30D

Electrostatic Meter

Precision AVOmeter

German ohmmeter

Elliot brothers milliammeter

Evershed and Vignoles precision ammeter Model 102Pr

AVO minor Mk1

AVO multiminor


DC AvoMinor

Everett Edgecumbe
Hum Metrohm



Labgear Fault Tracer

Mullard GM4140 CR Bridge

Homelab Signal generator

Acton Testgear

Signal Generator

Philips Oscilloscope

AVO Valve testers



Air Ministry


Philips AC millivoltmeter


High resistance test set

Simpson true RMS Voltmeter

G+E Bradley ct471 multimeters


BC221 frequency meter


CRB Capacitor analyser


DA 2003 digital multimeter


TF1313A Universal Bridge


B4B signal generator

Hewlett Packard

micro volt ammeter


Voltage and Current Standards

Cambridge Instruments
Thermionic Voltmeter Moullin pattern A

Cambridge Instruments
Thermionic Voltmeter Moullin pattern C

Cambridge Instruments
Thermionic Voltmeter Moullin pattern D

Mk5 Covermeter

GEC Valve voltmeter

Eagle Products RF Signal Generator model SG70

RCA Transistor Tester model WT-501A

RCA VoltOhmmyst model WV-500b

Micronta FET Multimeter model 22-208

Test Lab Digital Multimeter model kd-4200

Micrconta Digital Multimeter model 22-169

Beckman Digital multimeter model HD100

Beckman Digital multimeter model DM20

Philips Pattern Generator model PM 5501

Grundy & Partners Transistor tester

Telequipment Oscilloscope Type S31

Venner Wide range oscillator 625/2

Muirhead Decade Condenser

Pye (ex WD) Resistance Bridge

Sullivan Standard Variable Capacitor

Cambridge & Paul Standard Resistor

Cambridge Decade Bridge

Cambridge Potentiometer

Evershed-Vernon Potentiometer

Cropico/Lektrokit decaderesistance boxes

Cambridge Instruments Standard Resistors

Cambridge Instruments DC Range box

Cambridge Instruments AC Range box

Tinsley Volt Ratio Box

Pattern No.1 Bridge

Wheatstone Bridge

Dr. Bortini Resistance bridge

Cambridge Instruments
Constant inductance rheostat

Cambridge Instruments
Galvanometer shunt

West London Scientific Apparatus Co. Ltd
Resistance Bridge

Cambridge Instruments
Decade Resistance Bridge

Cambridge Instruments
Decade Resistance Bridge

Standard Resistor

Anita 1010 &1011 

Transistor desktop calculators.

Citizen 123D Electronic calculator

model D12 Desk top calculator

Casio Personal M-1 calculator

Casio fx-180P Electronic calculator

CBM PCustom Greenline Electronic calculator

Easymate TF231 Electronic calculator

Marksman Micro Electronic calculator

CBM minuteman calculator

Casio SL-701G calculator.

Prinztronic ZSR99M 


Prinztronic Director calculator / dictation machine

Philips Dictation machine

Sony M-430 Dictation machine

Philips Fax3300 Fax machine

NEFAX-10 Fax machine

Hitachi HL320 computer

Sinclair Cambridge programmable calculator