Robin Kew Snap 8

AC volt ohm ammeter

Robin Kew model 2804 clamp meter manufactured by The Japanese firm Kyoritsu.  This handy electricians tool has the following ranges: 0-150-300-600Volts 0-6-30-100-300 Amps and 0-2000 Ohms/ These are selected by the red knob which also mechanically changes the scale markings. It also has a useful hold button to freeze the reading. The meter movement is of the moving coil type so with the aid of the 1.5 volt cell in the Ohm probe the meter can be used to measure resistance. There is an adjuster on the underside to zero the ohms range. The meter will also provide an indication for DC voltages though these will not be accurate as the scales are ony calibrated for AC between 50 and 60Hz. Working


Test leads, ohm probe and carrying case

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Robin Electronics founded in 1980 established a reputation for excellent and reliable products that were manufactured by Kyoritsu. When Robin was acquired by Fluke, the previous Robin UK management team decided to create Kewtech in 2004 in order to manufacture and market quality test equipment specifically designed for the UK market.