Roberts Transistor Radio model RIC1

ser No. 55516

Roberts RIC ! s/n 5516 Chrome and black plastic with wood end pieces. Portable model with rotary switch wave change selection, 9 volt PP9 or equivalent battery. Roberts Radio Co.Ltd., East Molesey, Surrey, UK

This model when introduced in 1968 was the first model produced by Roberts to include an integrated circuit. This [TAD100] performed all the functions of the front end of the radio and contained 11 transistors eleven resistors and one diode. A 3 transistor audio amplifier drives the loudspeaker. It is in good condition and works well.

This is one of a number of radios which belonged to the late Ron Griffiths which were given to me by his widow in 2013. Ron was was an engineer, working for himself and making parts for other firms. He made some items for the Pastorelli firm - brass cases for surveying equipment that is used in tropical climates - and also brass parts for Cambridge Instruments.