Acoustic Solutions PD2

Acoustic Solutions PD2  This is a digital FM/DAB mains operated, table top, portable radio housed in a wooden case. It has an LCD display and a set of pushbuttons on the front panel. This is one of a job lot of four radios which I purchased on Ebay. I understand that this model was sold by Argos and Currys for about 30 - 40 When I received it the aerial, external power supply and socket for the latter were absent. I fitted a power supply and it did work but there was a background noise even when the power was supposedly off. I gave up on this one and have dismantled it and kept the speakers.

Specification and details
Supply voltage 6V at 800mA [now 230volts AC 50Hz]
Alarm clock with sleep. DAB auto time update.
Stereo loudspeakers 2 x 2 watts RMS
Frequency coverage: FM 87.5 - 108 MHz DAB 174.928 - 239.200 MHz
Up to eight FM and eight DAB stations can be preset and selected by the buttons on the front panel
There is a 3.5mm socket for headphones.
Size (H)18.9, (W)29, (D)10cm. China 2008/9

Close up view of inside of the back panel [the power supply is not original]