Cossor model number unknown

s/n 069825

Black plywood case with cream knobs and surround to dial and speaker. Export model with Asian and African stations on glass dial 62TH 62VP 62DDT 37PT 66KU plus magic eye. AC 105-155V 40-100Hz. 7 wavebands (1 Medium and 6 short) back missing, diagram needed UK 1953

The chassis looks very similar to those used in the 501/520 series, except the output transformer and smoothing electrolytic are transposed - probably the circuit design is very similar except for the extra wavebands and the 'magic eye'. The 494/501/520 series used three different types of loudspeaker over their five year production run, and the type in this set was fitted in the 501/520 series between 1952-54. I have been told that the model number is very often to be found in small print somewhere on the tuning scale and it's usually in little black figures somewhere near the edge of the scale. I have not as yet closely examined the scale to see if this is so.

Within the 500-520 range there are several which were not assigned to sets made for UK market, which might be assigned to export models only. The Newnes and Trader sheets do not generally cover these export versions. The Newnes, for example, list no Cossor set made between 1949-54 with 6 short wave bands.

The white knobs used are the same design as used on most of the 494/500/501/520 series (and the Pye 19D and T19D) apart from the colour.

Volume on/off              Tone    Tuning           Wave Change

                       A--- E                        Gram ----IntLS---- Ext LS


 both pointers linked together