Cambridge Instruments Decade Bridge


Decade Bridge Cambridge Instruments

This one has been modified to include 5 terminals in the bottom right hand corner. When I opened it up there was no wiring to the terminals! They were definitely added later, the inside of the panel is marked in pencil G B R W BLK alongside the terminals, the wood box also has at sometime been similarly marked. A small notch has been cut in the lid to allow the wires to the terminals to be brought out with the lid closed. I can identify where 3 of the wires went, 1-galvo 2-X1 3-X3. Presumably the other two went to the battery terminals, though I can't be sure. I have now made a battery box from plywood complete with terminals to slot into the clip on the inside of the lid. Since doing this I have found that these batteries (or their modern replacement) are still available see: