Defiant transistor radio A55BS


Defiant A55BS  Seven-transistor, ‘two-waveband M.W./L.W. portable receiver With band spread from 1610 kc/s. to 1390 kc/s. 9-volt battery (PP9 or equivalent). Average current 20-25 mA. Semi-conductors: (VT1, VT4, VT7) AF117; (VT3, VT6) AC127
(n-p-n); (VT2) OC81; (VT5) OC81D Although sold by the Co-operative Wholesale Society only the cabinets were made by CWS the radios were made for them under licence, in this case by Plessey. The reason for the name Defiant is well documented here.

I purchased this grubby looking radio on Ebay for �1.75 as nobody seemed to want it. It looked in pretty good condition inside but almost completely silent when I attached it to a 9Volt battery though the speaker did make a click when the on/off switch was operated. Using my Advance signal generator set to 470 kHz I soon discovered that the Audio stages were OK but the previous stage was not. Snipping the screen lead on the last AF117 (VT7) brought the set to life but for good measure I applied the same procedure to the other two.

The case cleaned up fairly well, the burn mark was filled with quick drying Polyfilla and the dented aluminium trim squeezed back with a screw clamp. The perforated plastic speaker grille had originally been coated with a bright silver layer which had peeled away. This was removed and replaced with a piece of cream coloured fabric.