Military Testmeters types C D E F and H

In appearance these are very similar to the commercial range of AVOmeters.

The following information has been taken from AP 10955H Vol1 Section2 Nov1943

"Testrneters, types C, D, E, F, and H are self»contained instruments, providing the means of
measuring wide ranges of voltage, current, and resistance values, and although light and easily portable
they are reliable and robust. The instruments are dust and weatherproof and are suitable for both
temperate and tropical climates. They are housed in suitable weatherproof cases and the ranges
covered are controlled by switches and/or sockets mounted on the front of the instrument. A scale,
protected with glass, and appropriately marked, is mounted on the front of the case, and these,
together with the necessary terminals, comprise the complete testrneter control equipment. All
screws and detachable parts are secured against looseness due to vibration."

It seems that by the time of this publication the services had accepted the Automatic Coil Winder Company designs as the standard as pictures of the instruments accompany the descriptions in the above specification.

Type C With leads and Case  10S/78 Similar to UNIVERSAL AVOMINOR but DC ONLY

Type D with leads.  10S/10610 essentially the same as AVO MODEL40 (Though also made previously by other manufacturers)
Type D connecting leads NO.4  10S/10612
Type D ` Battery  5]/2000
Type 15 Fuse Testmeter, type D 10S/10611 (for early models only)

Type E connecting leads No.5 10S/10616 essentially the same as DC AVOMINOR
Type E with leads and Case  10S/10613
Type E Leather carrying case  IOS/10614
Type E Battery  5]/1723
Type 16 Fuse testmeter, type E  10S/10615

Type F with leads  10S/1 also 5QP/1 essentially the same as AVO MODEL 7 MK1 and Mk2

Type H  With leads and case  10S/46 also AD PATT 13301 essentially the same as UNIVERSAL AVOMINOR

interpretation of Air Minisrty stores reference numbers mentioned above

5J Batteries Primary and Secondary
5Q Ammeters, Micro-ammeters, Milli-ammeters, Voltmeters and Milli-voltmeters
10S Radio (Wireless and Radar) Test Equipment

Model 7 (ZD 00021)

Admiralty Pattern Model 48A.

Universal Avometer Model 8

(military version)

AM stores number 10S/16411
(AM pattern AP12945)

Test set No.1

(NATO part number 6625-99-105-7050)

military version of Model 8/9 Mark II