Oscar 'Safari' transistor radio


Oscar safari Long and medium wave portable transistor radio housed in plastic case covered with imitation black leather. It has six transistors and a socket for an earphone. Originally it would also have had a shoulder strap. This dirty little radio was one of three purchased at auction for 5 in 2012. When it was acquired the exterior was very dirty, the inside full of dust, the loudspeaker had come adrift and the printed circuit board was loose. The good news was that the radio burst into life when energised with a PP3 9 Volt battery. The case and the printed circuit board were clearly designed for a range of sets, the PC board has holes and tracks for many more components and the case has hole for other items. I suspect that it has been modified to use a PP3 battery as there is sufficient space for something larger. Hong Kong 1971?

Inside view [transparent plastic partition removed]

'ELFtone Cadet'

This three band [Long, Medium and MW band spread] radio is housed in what appears to be a very similar case and the slide switches are located in the same position as the hidden cutouts in my Oscar Safari. This radio can be used on a 240V 50Hz supply or 6V supplied by 4 HP11 cells.