Collection of vintage calculators and office equipment

A collection of old Calculators and office equipment

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Anita 1010 &1011 

Transistor desktop calculators.

Citizen 123D Electronic calculator

model D12 Desk top calculator

Casio Personal M-1 calculator

Casio fx-180P Electronic calculator

CBM PCustom Greenline Electronic calculator

Easymate TF231 Electronic calculator

Marksman Micro Electronic calculator

CBM minuteman calculator

Casio SL-701G calculator.

Prinztronic ZSR99M 


Prinztronic Director calculator / dictation machine

Philips Dictation machine

Sony M-430 Dictation machine

Philips Fax3300 Fax machine

NEFAX-10 Fax machine

Hitachi HL320 computer

Sinclair Cambridge programmable calculator

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