This page is to let you know what has been added in the last year or so.

The most recent modifications and additions are listed here. I still have several items still requiring attention so there will be more pages to come. By clicking on the links below you will be taken to the new page and from there you can go back and explore the rest of the site.

new pages:
Robin Kew model 2804 clamp meter

Robin model OM210 Lightmeter

Robin model 4141 Looptester

Robin model 5402D Loop Tester

Robin model 3202K Thermocouple digital thermometer

12 July 2018

new page:
Metrohm model 9A insulstion and continuity tester

22 November 2018

new pages:
Megger model wm5
Avometer model 71
Avometer model 72
Beckman digital multimeter

22 December 2018

new page:
Rapidtest model 208 multimeter

Evershed and Vignoles early megohmmeter/continuity tester

29 January 2019

new page:
Pye model P75A table top valve radio

17 March 2019

Modified page:
Taylor model 128 added

31 July 2019

new pages:
Murphy a252 radio
Telequipment Serviscope Minor
Heathkit Audio oscillator AO-1U

22 September 2019

new page:
Portadyne A39 table top valve radio

1 November 2019

new page:
avometer model 12D

15 January 2020

amended page:
Test meter Type D Ref 10/S 10610

18 January 2020

The majority of the pages describing individual items have now been made 'mobile friendly' and should be readable on smartphones and tablets.

amended page:
avo model 15 and 20 images added

19 June 2020

amended page:
original avometer

22 June 2020

new page:
Eddystone model 10 communication receiver

11 July 2020

amended page:
Ekco model AC76 radio
new page:
Evershed and Vignoles series 1 Earthometer

18 August 2020

amended page:
Pullin multimeter  series 100

8 September 2020

new pages:
AVO manuals
Megger manuals

28 September 2020

new page:
Bush DAC70 radio

11 October 2020

link for instruction leaflet added
AVO2003 meter

21 November 2020

additional information
Evershed & Vignoles timeline

23 January 2021

additional information
Anita 1010 Calculator

new page:
Sky Qeen portable radio

17 May 2021

new page:
36 range avometer

19 July 2021