This page is to let you know what has been added in the last year or so.

The most recent modifications and additions are listed here. I still have several items still requiring attention so there will be more pages to come. By clicking on the links below you will be taken to the new page and from there go back and explore the rest of the site.

new pages:
Philips transistor radio type D1018-MW
Cambridge Instruments Decade bridge
AVO voltage convereter
additions and mofifications to pages:
decade resistance box
spot galvanometer
model number identified
12th June 2013

new pages:
Alba radio type unknown
Europhon radio
motorola car radio
Oscar Prince transistor radio
Pye P29UBQ portable radio
Ekco U243 radio
Philips L3G23T radio
Pye P123BQ radio
Ultra FM950 radio
Roberts RIC1 radio
Marconiphone 4181 radio
GEC G819 transistor radio
Baby National radio
Ormond loudspeaker
Bush TR82C transistor radio
Perdio transistor radio
additions and mofifications to pages:
Ultra 25 radio
Murphy A38C radio
18 August 2013

new pages:
Goodmans transistor radio
Fidelity transistor radio
Mayer & Wolf Electropathy machine
9 September 2013

new page:
Kolster Brandes valve radio
16 September 2013

new pages:
Precision AVOmeter
Westminster valve radio
Philips B2G25U valve radio
Hacker RP17 transistor radio
GEC BC402 valve radio
Hacker RP37a transistor radio
13 November 2013

new page:
Model 40 Mk2 AVOmeter
amended page:
mark5 and mark6 model 8 AVOmeters added
24 November 2013

new pages:
Marconiphone valve radio model 253
HW Sullivan standard resistor
Elliot Brothers Milliammeter
1 December 2013

new page:
Double Decca 46 valve radio
14 January 2014

new pages:
Universal Avominor Model 1 (22 range)
Universal AVO Multiminor MK4
AVO full size meter information
AVO Minor and other smaller meters information
Evershed and Vignoles ammeter

1st April 2014

new page:
DC AvoMinor

modified page:

AVO Minor and other smaller meters information
12th April 2014

new page:
Venner wide range oscillator 625/2
9th June 2014

new pages:
Bush TR130 transistor radio
Bush TR230 transistor radio
Bush TR132 transistor radio
Hacker RP18  transistor radio
Hacker RP25 transistor radio

19 September 2014

new pages:
Everett Edgecumbe Hum Metrohm Continuity and insulation tester
BT Converse 325 telephone

12 October 2014

new pages:
pifco multimeter
High resistance AVO meter
AVO model 7 Mk2
Venner oscillator
Ekco valve radio model U122
Defiant transistor radio
mcMichael valve radio

20 March 2015

new pages:
avometer model 40
avometer model 47A
avometer model 73A
avometer 13 range model 2
avometer 22 range model 6
etronic valve radio
homemade 1930's radio
Evershed and Vignoles continuity testers

30 August 2015

new pages:
English Electric ammeter
Sangamo wattmeter
Elliott resistance bridge
unipivot meter
Cambridge resistance boxes
Decade resistors.html
Cropico History
Muirhead D30a resistance bridge
Baldwin capacitor tester

modified pages:
Cambridge pattern L meter
another Wartime utility radio
Muirhead decade capacitor

21 September 2015

new pages:
Roberts R24 transistor radio
Roberts revival 250 transistor radio
Cambridge Instruments portable potentiometer
Ether longscale potentiometer

10 Octonber 2015

new pages:

Cropico thermocouple potentiometer
unipivot wattmeter

ESI Potentiometric voltmeter bridge

7 November 2015

new page:
Tinsley DC Null Detector Type 6040


15th January 2016

new pages:
Tinsley ionization potentiometer
GEC Selectest multimeter
AVO power factor and wattmeter unit
Rosemount Platinum resistance thermometer
Cambridge Instruments AC Test Set

additions to existing pages:
Pye T19d
Hunningscone wall telephones

2nd March 2016

new pages:
Avometer model D
Medresco valve hearing aid

additions to existing page:

13th June 2016

new pages:
Blaupunkt "Sultan" radio
Fidelity RAD20 radio

additions to existing page:
cossor export radio

2nd September 2016

amended page:
Philips B2G25U valve radio

15th September 2016

new pages:

Fairey safety ohmmeter
Baldwin Statigun
SEI clampmeter
Vintage ammeter
Crompton Parkinson voltmeter
French pocket voltmeter

8th October 2016

new pages:

Evershed and vignoles Bridge Megger
AVO universal Bridge

30th October 2016

new pages:
PYE Seafarer valve radio
Bush BAC31 portable valve radio
Ferranti 505 valve radio

28th November 2016

new pages:
Harrods transistor radio kit
Grundig Party Boy 208 transistor radio
Avometer model3 (20 range)

modified pages:
new avometer added to this page

29th January 2017

new pages:
AVO multiminor Mk1
Telequipment dual trace oscilloscope
AVO 25000 Volt multiplier
8th May 2017

new pages:
Fidelity 208 transistor radio
Murphy Overlander transistor radio
Pye P35 valve radio
27 June 2017

new pages:
Evershed and Vignoles Battery Megger Tester Cat 4003

modified page:
Stentorian Bristol loudspeaker added

30 August 2017

new pages:
Evershed and Vignoles Battery Megger Tester Cat 4022
Nalder and Thompson "Ohmer" insulation tester

modified page:
Evershed information

7 October2017