This page is to let you know what has been added in the last year or so.

The most recent modifications and additions are listed here. I still have several items still requiring attention so there will be more pages to come. By clicking on the links below you will be taken to the new page and from there go back and explore the rest of the site.

new pages:
Avometer model D
Medresco valve hearing aid

additions to existing page:

13th June 2016

new pages:
Blaupunkt "Sultan" radio
Fidelity RAD20 radio

additions to existing page:
cossor export radio

2nd September 2016

amended page:
Philips B2G25U valve radio

15th September 2016

new pages:

Fairey safety ohmmeter
Baldwin Statigun
SEI clampmeter
Vintage ammeter
Crompton Parkinson voltmeter
French pocket voltmeter

8th October 2016

new pages:

Evershed and vignoles Bridge Megger
AVO universal Bridge

30th October 2016

new pages:
PYE Seafarer valve radio
Bush BAC31 portable valve radio
Ferranti 505 valve radio

28th November 2016

new pages:
Harrods transistor radio kit
Grundig Party Boy 208 transistor radio
Avometer model3 (20 range)

modified pages:
new avometer added to this page

29th January 2017

new pages:
AVO multiminor Mk1
Telequipment dual trace oscilloscope
AVO 25000 Volt multiplier
8th May 2017

new pages:
Fidelity 208 transistor radio
Murphy Overlander transistor radio
Pye P35 valve radio
27 June 2017

new pages:
Evershed and Vignoles Battery Megger Tester Cat 4003

modified page:
Stentorian Bristol loudspeaker added

30 August 2017

new pages:
Evershed and Vignoles Battery Megger Tester Cat 4022
Nalder and Thompson "Ohmer" insulation tester

modified page:
Evershed information

7 October2017

modified pages (instruction manuals added):
avometer data
avometer data

3 January 2018