A collection of old and antique Microphones, headphones, Loudspeakers and other things.

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Studio Microphone STC Type 4021C

SG Brown Headphones

Hunningscone patent Wall Telephone

GPO Buzzer


Evershed and Vignoles Generator


Sangamo Weston time switch

Admiralty loudspeaker

Marconi speaker

Ormond Moving iron loudspeaker

Richard Allan Radio loudspeaker

Whiteley Electrical Radio loudspeaker

Medresco Hearing aid

Regentone Battery Eliminator

Unknown Induction coil


Morse keys

Smiths Electric clock

Interval timer

BSR Elizabethan tape recorder

FVRT100 power supply

Ericsson headphones

Bicycle lamp?

Ariston organette

Grundig tape recorder


Fultograph picture receiver

Shure Microphone model 488T

Phoenix Microphone PX20/234 No. 10

Test tool set

Snelgrove Crystal Ovens

Aircraft instruments

AVO voltage converter
Type VC1

Mayer & Wolf
shock machine



Medresco valve hearing aid

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